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Early Registration for $65.00 lasts till 9/25!

Linking Seminar | 2023 Topic: Pure and Applied Psychoanalysis // Psychotherapy Hi All, This is a reminder that the early registration cost of $65.00 is available until September 25, then it goes up to $80.00 If you want to take advantage of the lower fee register ASAP. Click here to Register!...
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9 days ago • 1 min read

Announcing Linking Seminar 11/11/23 | Pure Psychoanalysis, Applied Psychoanalysis, & Psychotherapy

Hello all, Last year in October, we conducted our first Linking Seminar with Tom Svolos. Today, I am pleased to announce that we will continue the tradition of gathering to learn about and discuss the practice of psychoanalysis with a second Linking Seminar! If you stay subscribed to this...
30 days ago • 2 min read

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice of 2020 was at 5:02 EST this morning. The amount of light we have each day will get a little bit longer from here on out. Be that as it may, yesterday was also the first (official) day of winter, and I suspect that we will continue to have a disproportionate amount of...
almost 3 years ago • 1 min read
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